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property management

Istanbul Gate is one of the leading companies in the field of property management in Istanbul, where we provide our services in a professional way through a specialized team of consultants who supervise the progress of all technical and legal matters without any delay or obstacles. Istanbul property management service is one of the most important services that a foreign property owner in Istanbul should consider. So how can a foreigner who owns property in Istanbul benefit from services?




Our expert staff make the right valuation for the property you own. It is marketed in the market with the price you approve. Mediation service is provided in bargaining with potential buyers.


General Requests

On behalf of our customers who continue to live outside of Turkey, the ongoing needs of their homes such as annual real estate taxes, site fees and invoices are followed. It is ensured that the house is well-maintained and clean


Rental Service

After buy an apartment if you wish your property is rented on a short-term or long-term basis. Your rights against tenants are protected. It is ensured that the tenants fulfill the contract requirements.



We provide many options that suit the request and taste of each individual client. We have a strong relationship with the best local and international furniture companies, and we can get discounted price offers that suit everyone’s tastes and budgets.

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Image by Camylla Battani
Modern Salon

Be Safe 

Working in a reliable office for your property management protects you from stress and bad events that may happen to you.

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