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Providing Everything You Need

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Specify Your Requests

Your thoughts are very valuable to us. For this reason, as the first step of the consultancy activity, your requests are analyzed in the first meeting in order to better understand what you want and to provide you with fast and quality service.

Property Tour

A short list is prepared in line with the analyzed demands. The properties are shown to the buyer by making a visit schedule. The neighborhood and social environment where the property is located is promoted. Buying a property is also buying the environment to live in.

Vip Ride
Ofiste el sıkışın

Offer and Negotiation

As a final step, market values ​​and investment values ​​are examined for the property or properties that are appreciated. Istanbul Gate's expert team makes the necessary bargains for you to buy property at the best price.

Tittle Deed and payment transactions are followed by company lawyers in order to better protect the buyer legally.

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